life in a bar chart.

7 04 2009


tissue-paper chart.

By experience I can say this, my life has a seasonal effect on what happens when.

Over 15 years, it has always been like this.

January: I will have a tough time sorting out my life, goals… and my study table. Mommy or sister will surely get emotional during the New Year.

February: I will fall sick, flu, bad cough, fever?

March-June: Very, very busy seasons. Usually involve in a lot of events, clubs, performances, practices, plannings…

After the mid-term exam period [June-July Holidays]: Most awesome time of the year, I get to relax, play lots of football. Everything will run smoothly at this period.Oh, my pocket $$ is also most at these times.

August-September: Laid back, but getting slightlier busier, preparing for year-end exams. Mommy and sister’s birthdays fall on September, I will forget to buy gifts for them.

October: Wrapping up school homeworks, school duties, getting results. Play a lot. -Year End Exams-

November: Starting of holidays, also the funnest. -Will be at Bali this year-

December: Busy-busy, tight schedules. Juggle between church services, friends, outside friends, school friends, events, parties, sleepovers, camps……….

Wrap up!

And then it repeats itself…

Now is what I call the “very-very busy” season. I hate this part the most.

Preparing for mid-term exams, getting over-involved.

Especially being Form 4, I’m still not use to the environment, but I can feel myself gearing my way up.

And especially at this season, homeworks, projects and tests blossoms most.

I’m a slow, laid-back person, I cannot stand under rapid rain-fall. Or in this case, meteor-rain.

I’m starting to get good at this life thing. It’s like it has a formula to it, once you get it, it’s easier to get solutions and answers.

Not that I know for sure how to succeed, how to get girlfriends in one minute. But it’s there, I’ve lived this life more than anyone has. The only one that knows better than me is none other than God-Master Creator.

And no one could live as Zach Siow Ke-Wei better than I can.

I’m awesome, I can do this. [~]

I’ve done this before,

the next best thing I can do is, do it again. [!!!]





2 responses

15 06 2009

HAHA thanks for the praise 🙂

Appreciate it.

Nah, it’s ok. I’ve sold my amp anyway, and my guitar isn’t for sale edi 🙂

2 12 2009

hahaha we did had quite a hard time finishing it too, was shivering cold after that too =P but eventually, we finally did XD

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